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Re: Iphone settings for Vodafone live India Try this link: Vodafone India Couldn't have been simpler than this.With EDGE, you can enjoy 3G-like applications on a 2.5G technology and enjoy high-speed data applications. I am exploitation a non Jailbroken 3G working 3.1 and VL58 30mb per day plan. I fair precious to say, give thanks you very much for posting this utilitarian selective information online.

Re: Vodafone India: Configure GPRS internet on iphone nike boom iphone app - working friends Hello! I m new here...I have a iphone 3 g, I did it successfully, but still do not get network edge on screen and internet is not working.can someone explain to me how to enable the edge network? I have an option more "VPN" network parameter, for which it is used.

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Re: 1gb domestic data, 500mb GPRS yet charges PKT data ? Lately a Quaker of mine in India, told me that Vodafone(India) is not allowing him to use the steady GPRS architectural plan (Vodafone Live) on iPhone. XL (Indonesia)APN: www.xlgprs.netUsername: xlgprsv Password: proxlGet the GPRS settings on your mobile phone: If you want to get the GPRS settings directly on your mobile, then you need to tweet or share this post on Twitter by the following button.

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iphone u mobile need not connect or Voda life. iphone must "Idata" service active call Voda helpline they have u they will send SMS which u need to submit only 111 Download the iPhone contour substitute from apple site.

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I am acquiring a wanting identifier problem.THe identifier name is nt beingness mentioned in the list.how do i do that? I tried adding the same site today.Hello, BSNL provides micro-sims for Iphone 4?

Can you tell me how to activate GPRS and how to configure this setting.Check how you can increase internet speed in Airtel GPRS.